Support in the preparation of recruitment competitions


A successful application requires an excellent scientific application, which must be well prepared and well presented. Experience shows that common mistakes can weaken even very good applications. Some of these mistakes can be easily detected and corrected in advance. To do so, candidates must rely on external viewpoints from scientists sharing other fields of expertise. Former members of a national comittee are therefore particularly well-suited for bringing such an insight.

The Paris Observatory proposes to applicants for a permanent position in one of its laboratories some help and training to prepare for this competition. An informal group of researchers, who have been part of a comittee, is ready for helping in building your application and in preparing your interview.

This help is neither pre-requisite to apply to the Paris Observatory, nor a pre-selection. Our intervention will remain strictly confidential with respect to the actual comittee members as well as to the Observatoire de Paris, the laboratory management and the teams. It can take various forms according to your wishes. For instance, and in a non-exclusive way, we can propose you

  • A discussion with one or more members of the group on the application processes and their context.
  • A critical reading of your written application.
  • A rehearsal, in real conditions, of the interview.

We are committed to strict neutrality and will take care to avoid conflicts of interest. We are also committed to benevolence and discretion.

We will also provide you, in November, with a general presentation of the application process and expectation of the comittee members.

If you are interested, please send a short résumé to membres.apcr@sympa.obspm.fr1 as soon as possible to leave enough room for improving your application and/or interview.

  1. This address goes to all members of the group 

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